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Road and this time I drive. We p through more towns and they are all torn-up. Wide swaths of the country are imobiliare bucuresti consumed with blight but most of us go our whole lives without seeing it. We drive through the blight and I see it. It is not pretty. The people we do see are overweight. They look unhealthy and unhappy. They are starved by the unhealthy food they eat. I am eating that food on our trip and it is delicious so I can empathize with them but I don't eat it generally so I am not malnourished and imobiliare bucuresti over-nourished at the same time the way these people are. But they Clicking Here don't have options because good food is too expensive and the blight is another name for a desert of many names like food desert so they have no choice but to eat fast food and frozen food. I look down from the blight because Mischa is in my lap and she is having a dream. Or at least I ume she is having a dream because she is asleep bucuresti but her jaw is working away and her front paws are twitching. I imagine she is dreaming of hunting the three ptarmigan of yesterday. In her dreamworld she is playing with their dead bodies in her paws. Maybe she is already eating them. I hope she is enjoying her dream. Pets are deprived of living imobiliare bucuresti authentic lives. Being a pet for Mischa would be like me being forced to eat only salad and supplements, or otherwise given what I need to survive, but just barely. I pity Mischa, but luckily she has the brain of a peanut and she doesn't realize what she is missing. She is happy. But I still hope that the ptarmigan of her dreams are delicious enough to satisfy the deficiencies of her waking cat life. We p from the blight and enter a land of rock and fields. We drive under a sign with a crudely scratched drawing of a buffalo with a speech bubble that says You Are Almost At Yellowstone! We are almost at Yellowstone. I visited Yellowstone when I was ten years old with my mother, father, and sister. My father sat in the hotel room and watched tennis. I didn't like to hike so I was difficult. My sister was too young to hike. My mother tried hard to make it work and was frustrated. I don't remember much about the trip aside from its not being fun. I do remember going on a horseback ride at one point. It hurt my and I threw a fit. But now I am older and traveling under different cirstances so I am looking forward to visiting Yellowstone. It is thought of as the quintessential National Park of the United States. I won't be horseback riding. When we reach Yellowstone we drive through the park entrance and pay a ranger a fee of twenty dollars for a sticker that will allow us to drive through the park. It is a lot of money but it is worth it. We also don't have a choice. As soon as we have ped through the gate we see numerous cars pulled over onto the shoulder. The shoulder overlooks a river. I pull the car over and we get out. A family of elk strides in the shallow waters of the river. The elk in front is big and tall and covered in thick brown fur. Although he is big and tall he has small antlers so he must not be a very old male but